Daily Plates

Lamb Kelftiko 

Lamb with beer & honey

Pork with plums                           

Pork shank        

 Beef with chestnuts

Beef Stifado

Beef with pita bread and yogurt 

Pork Fillet with ginger, orange & honey

Stuffed chicken rolls              

Chicken fillet in wine sause             

Chicken fillet in mushrooms sause


Stuffed aubergine with beef, cheese & tomato      

Beef fillet Ostria


 Stuffed tomatoes and peppers

Giant beens





On the Grill 



Greek gyros 

Pork steak 

 Pork fillet nuggets 

Pork souvlaki 

Chicken fillet 

 Chicken Souvlaki  Beef fillet Lamb chops 


 Home burger

 Assorted of grilled meat for 2


Fish & Seafood      

Fried calamari (squid)          

Calamari on the grill  Fried anchovies   Fried mussels 

Sardines on the grill

Octapus on the grill  Shrimps on the grill Shrimps saganaki 

Mussels saganaki

 Swordfish fillet on the grill Swordfish fillet in the oven  Seabream on the grill 

Seabream stuffed with summer     

herbs & ouzo