The local gastronomy

Etymologically, the word "Gastronomy" is derived from the ancient Greek words γαστήρ (gaster) which means stomach and νόμος (nomos) which means law. Therefore, Gastronomy means "the law/art of regulating the stomach". Other words that include the gastro/stomach in their synthesis are Gastroenteritis, Gastritis, Gastric ulcer, etc.

Thus, gastronomy is the art of food eating. 

The tradition and authenticity are the base for the gastronomy.

The fresh fish and seafood the island offers are the first, most important and genuine tastes for the visitors.

The fish soup, the lobster spaghetti and shrimps spagetti, the grilled octapus or octapus in vinegar, the fried squids or stuffed grilled kalamari are some of the seafood very preferred by the locals.

The traditional Alonissos Cheese Pie and Boureki (the meat pie) are other items of the local gastronomy that impress the visitors.

Underneath you can find the recepies of some plates offered by our restaurant.